Add support for D-Link COVR-X1860

Ok, version seems to be correct. Is it still in failsafe mode or is it booting completely and web access is possible?

looks like boots normal, but no web access is possible.
Try again to flash using chromium browser

Excuse me for interrupting, but could you kindly clarify the process of transitioning from stock firmware to OpenWRT?

If you're running on stock firmware, you should be able to download openwrt-ramips-mt7621-dlink_covr-x1860-a1-squashfs-factory.bin via the normal router web interface.

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ok,openwrt is working again, my mistake was to be connected to the internet interface :frowning:

Unbrick AP covr-x1860 (1862 , 1863)

  • Unplug the device
  • Press and hold the reset button and plug in the device
  • Release the reset button when the LED flashes red
  • Connect to the Lan port and static IP
  • open in a chrome based web browser
  • upload the file openwrt-ramips-mt7621-dlink_covr-x1860-a1-squashfs-recovery.bin
  • after upload the device will reboot and led flash organge and on the end led is withe
  • connect lan cable to the ethernetport and open

@RolandoMagico how can I update the 2. AP.
This Version is up and running:
OpenWrt SNAPSHOT, r23604-7e0d9fe280

Last time I use your latest sysupgrade no mesh image and upload this over the webinterface. After the reboot the device was not accesible.

Do you mean you flashed the image mentioned here:

Or is it a different topic?

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no this was the last what I did :wink:
First I did an update over the web interface and lost the connection to the device
Then I press the reset sw and connect with ssh to default ip. Web Interface was not working.

After this I put the image file with winscp to the tmp folder and did the sysupgrade. Rest you know...

I don't know what's going wrong in your case. Until now, there was nobody who had the same issue. There shouldn't be issues when flashing the sysupgrade image via OpenWrt web interface.
Alternatively, you can try to flash the recovery image via recovery web interface (now you know how to do it :smile:).

In the end it's the same image which is running on the device.

If you face the same problem again, the serial output may be interesting.

I have only remote access to this device.
What are the settings to connect to the serial interface and how to power the AP?

For UART, I think this are the pins:

You need RX, TX and GND. Probably 115200, 8N1, 3.3V
What do you mean with "how to power the AP"?

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Connect only tx,rx and ground + Poweradapter or
only use uart with vcc, gnd, tx and rx?

Connect only RX, TX and GND on UART. Do not connect VCC on UART.
Power is supplied with the normal power supply

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Hmm oryginal software 640mb~ openwrt 300~ wifi

@RolandoMagico mmh I maybe found my problem, I is the config. I want to use this as a dump ap. So I removed all firewall rules and also disable the firewall service. After sysupgrade, the firewall is on with no rules and block any incoming. When I stop the firewall Service, the ap is accessible again.
Also backup and restore has the same problem, the service config is not restort, all service again up and runing after restore, or sysupgrade.

The services coming back up after a sysupgrade is more or less expected. A more permanent solution can be found here:

I guess the restore goes through a very similar path, so this might also help in that case.

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With your all-kmods archive it worked flawlessly. Thank you so much, sometimes I forget the simplest things just because I'm used to use the package managers with all it's comfort.

I did install wire guard and I will test it tonight. Hopefully the VLANs are working, than I can build my big wifi network.

I read WDS wifi with fast Roaming is the best? All my Accesspoints are hard wired. I just want to have one big wifi with multiple APs and the client can pick its best on its own.

Ok fix lan speed now is 900mb/s but wifi 330mb/s only

If all of your access points are hardwired, you won't need WDS - that's really only required if one of them has no Ethernet uplink.

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