Add support for ASUS RT-AX89X AX6000

There is some code in U-Boot as well, but I really dont have time to investigate it until everything else is sorted out.

I think I figured out the fan RPM mapping today by poking at registers


I have modified the utility that generates compatible trx images:


mkasustrx.exe -i initramfs_ax89x.bin -o initramfs_ax89x.trx -v 2 -n RT-AX89U -b 388 -e 55555

For this device, the trx image must be formed from three parts:

  1. uImage with kernel
  2. kernel DTB
  3. rootfs (hsqs)

That is great, it would be awesome if users can simply flash it from stock WEB UI.

I am trying to wire up the fan today, after that I will see what U-Boot expects in terms of OpenWrt sysupgrade


So from the looks of it, the only thing that needs to be taken care of is making this firmware capable of being flashed through the webui?

A notice to all, Asus has released a FW update after over a year and it includes U-boot update as well.

But it seems that they disabled UART in the kernel image they are using so you cannot get to the shell anymore.

You can however still enable SSH and telnet via WEB UI and drop down to U-Boot shell works as well.
I am waiting on the GPL dump for the latest FW to see what is going on.


so even if you flash back to the previous firmware, it still locks you out of the shell?

EDIT: it appears this firmware update also covers some CVE stuff. which could explain why they did what they did. I will keep my router on last years firmware just to be safe.

That I am not sure, but I guess they just disabled UART in the firmware itself and not via U-Boot

I managed to load openwrt on my router. @robimarko do you have a commit where I could build openwrt images and try test to make it load from webui ?
As I sad previously, I'm new in helping for openwrt.

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Latest work is here, it needs to be rebased since a lot of cleanups was done but its functional, even the stupid SFP link false status is fixed and fan is kicking on.


Congrats for all that work !! I'm working on it

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To clarify, the files to make the firmware image are now availible. Now someone needs to turn them into a firmware file that will work from the webgui?

Great work!
Can anyone comment on the 10GB connectivity?

Row with error: Link
Correctly like this:

Its branded as RT-AX89X everywhere, RT-AX89U is only the internal FW name.

Hi ! I managed to build the openwrt image on your repo @robimarko (using the branch rt-ax89x without touching .config file). The file name is openwrt-ath79-generic-8dev_carambola2-initramfs-kernel.bin
The files are in bin dir. I can't make them work on the router by loading them in ram. I only managed to make .itb file (uboot files) work on the router from officilal download.
How can I make .itb image from your source? Did I miss understood something?

There is no .config in that branch, you obviously have to select the qualcommax target and correct tboard

That was obvious but also not that much :smile:
Never mind, I will try it, it does not fully answer the question about how to generate uboot image though :upside_down_face:

It will be generated as part of build once you select the device

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Can you be more specific on the target I have to choose ? I do not see the qualcomm Atheros IPQ807X, only the IPQ806X in the target system.
So in the target profile, there is no asus ax89x either (it's normal because it is the wrong target system).

Its 2 targets above

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