Add RSSI value in associated station list on wireless overview page


On wireless overview page, we have associated stations list which is having value Mac-Address, SSID, IP Address, Signal, Noise, RX rate, and TX rate.
Can we add one more value over here which is "RSSI" of connected clients.

Thanks in advance.

What is the difference to you between RSSI and signal strength?

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RSSI is Received signal strength indicator. Its measurements represent the relative quality of a received signal on a device. The higher the RSSI value, the stronger the signal.

The Signal / Noise column already displays the RSSI.

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Hi @jow

Thanks for your support.
Yes, Signal / Noise represents the RSSI. I have implemented the same to show this on GUI.

Thank you.

Can you post for the community how you did this?

I've never found a chip/driver that actually measures Noise and reports something meaningful. It is always a constant number.

Conventionally "RSSI" is received signal strength without regard to noise (in some cases it includes any energy reaching the receiver, signal plus noise), and "SNR" (Signal / Noise Ratio) is a measure of signal quality.


Yes, sure.
please find my patch below:

--- a/view/admin_network/wifi_overview.htm
+++ b/view/admin_network/wifi_overview.htm
@@ -286,8 +286,8 @@
                            tr.insertCell(-1).innerHTML = x-1;

                            tr.insertCell(-1).innerHTML = String.format(
-                                '<img src="%s" title="<%:Signal%>: %d <%:dBm%> / <%:Noise%>: %d <%:dBm%>" />',
-                                 icon, assoclist[j].signal,assoclist[j].noise
+                                '<img src="%s" title="<%:RSSI%>: %d <%:dBm%>" />',
+                                 icon, assoclist[j].signal, assoclist[j].noise
                             tr.insertCell(-1).innerHTML = assoclist[j].bssid;

@@ -296,8 +296,7 @@
                            tr.insertCell(-1).innerHTML = arptable[assoclist[j].bssid]
                                ? arptable[assoclist[j].bssid] : '?';

-                           tr.insertCell(-1).innerHTML = nowrap(String.format('%d <%:dBm%>', assoclist[j].signal));
-                           tr.insertCell(-1).innerHTML = nowrap(String.format('%d <%:dBm%>', assoclist[j].noise));
+                           tr.insertCell(-1).innerHTML = nowrap(String.format('%d <%:dBm%>', assoclist[j].noise-assoclist[j].signal));

                            tr.insertCell(-1).innerHTML = nowrap((assoclist[j].rx_mcs > -1)
                                ? String.format('%.1f <%:Mbit/s%>, MCS %d, %d<%:MHz%>', assoclist[j].rx_rate / 1000, assoclist[j].rx_mcs, assoclist[j].rx_40mhz ? 40 : 20)
@@ -442,8 +441,7 @@ function delete_vap(value,value1){
                <th class="cbi-section-table-cell"><%:MAC-Address%></th>
                 <th class="cbi-section-table-cell"><%:SSID%></th>
                <th class="cbi-section-table-cell"><%:IPv4-Address%></th>
-               <th class="cbi-section-table-cell"><%:Signal%></th>
-               <th class="cbi-section-table-cell"><%:Noise%></th>
+               <th class="cbi-section-table-cell"><%:RSSI%></th>
                <th class="cbi-section-table-cell"><%:RX Rate%></th>
                <th class="cbi-section-table-cell"><%:TX Rate%></th>

For Cross-check:
Connect client from openwrt SSID and then run the command "wlanconfig VAP_name list sta". Eg: "wlanconfig ath0 list sta"
Then you will see RSSI of the particular client which is connected to that particular SSID.
Thanks for your support.

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