Add random MAC generation after each reboot

You misunderstood me. It is not to be visible by someone (like your neighbours). Not for security.

They see it anyway, just not the SID ?

But the neighbor can also see this if he operates a WLAN interface in monitor mode and captures the packets.

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Yes, but it is not for security as I said. Not every neighbour do this. It is to prevent something like “Gimme password, PLS” or something like that.

If you want more security it is better use STRONG password with my scripts ubove + ban connections from unknown MAC

They can't be sure it's your SID..?

This would never happen where I live, but I'm guessing we're not even on the same continent.

If you want more security, don't use wifi.

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  • Just be sure your trick doesn't exhaust your ISP's DHCP pool
  • How often does one reboot thier router to believe this provides any privacy?
  • Only your ISP sees your MAC
  • Despite that fact, somehow the major ISPs manage to recognize devices as having previously connected when reconnecting to thier public WiFi (e.g. xfinity SSIDs) - despite using random MACs (i.e. they possibly follow some pattern)
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What MAC randomization, on a phone, is 'supposed' to do is broadcast a different MAC as you move around touching every AP your phone come in contact with but not associated to.

This tracks your movements from when performing Wi-Fi scans.

I said this is just trolling thread and it is.


My public IP perhaps would stay the same over (several) month although I have to admit I haven't tested.

If someone using that kind of service probably with an coupled app nothing will help ;- )

Yes, the thread opener timollo is probably trolling but dispite that, MAC randomization IMHO is useful on smartphones and private APs and portable routers.

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We can harden WIFI. Everything can become better :slight_smile:

This is trolling, despite most people thinking it is a mythological creature under a bridge or something that turns to stone when struck by daylight.
This is the origin of the term: casting as many hooks as possible to see what will bite.

Given the amount of different opinions and topics this thread has generated, how effective do you think the OP's trolling is?

Should Timollo be rewarded with the Kingfisher Trolling Badge of the month?

  • Yes, absolutly! With his only and totally ambiguous post he introduced himself as kingfisher
  • No, because the Troll is nothing without the :fish: who bite
  • No, he will surely come back, straight things out and joins a fruitful discussion
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Usually most advanced users is willing to pay for static IP or hope their dhcp IP stays the same.
Otherwise vpn tunnels or server connections becomes a headache to keep alive.

Power off at night, i really don't see that possibility anymore after the introduction of IoT.

Connect incognito to the ISP…little funny because they deliver a fixed connection to your home. Who else are supposed to connect to the connection on the wall?

And hotels etc… yea, very secret after first checkin in and then log in with room number on a radius server.

Where do you get that from?

From the reality, how else are you going to connect to the ISP if you don’t have a connection to connect to?

No, you wrote

but as far as I see no one in this thread ever wished or wrote that this could be done by MAC randomization except you ;- )

Can you please close this thread, it is getting nowhere and only the TO has archived his goal of trolling....

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It actually the first sentence in post number 1. And post number 2 isn’t far behind.

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Sorry, my bad. Thank you for quoting it now at the end of this thread to emphasise the nonsense of it again and to remind me that I already answered myself before.

This enhances my privacy but surely not against my ISP but that was never my intend

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