Add OpenWrt support for Xiaomi "Redmi AX6000"

It cannot be, router cannot reach the stage of the boot-loader to get recovery mode

New user question. Can I add ddns script? Any thing I need to know. I added it earlier & had to rebuild, but that was maybe a little hasty?

Hello, interested in knowing the currently unresolved problems of this router, and if hardware acceleration and more things work officially?

thanks in advance.

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Well I thought I'd best give it another go. This time it went fine with just the settings to add. At least I know not to remove anything once added, it causes catastrophic effects (unless you like rebuilding). Another thing is try the reset button first of all before rebuilding....

How can I rollback to stock firmware from openwrt? The reason is that I can't mesh redmi ax6000 on openwrt with my old Xiaomi AX3600 INT firmware.

I got it done using MIWIFI repair tool. Thanks.

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Hello, since some messages are quite old, I 'd like a sum up of the steps for I'll be installing one soon and maybe things have changed:

is it ok to:
use xmir-patcher to go to stock ?
then download snapshot or release of uboot version?

Also can someone confirm tftp is working? in uboot release? in uboot snapshot?

xmir-patcher to switch from stock. TFTP works, but why do you need a snapshot? Will you be a beta tester and write bug reports, and then test and write again?

Becauses of the messages above stating issues with uboot tftp.
So if it's stable and fully functionnal I'll go for the release.
but if it lacks testers, I know my way through TFTP , UARTs and the like so I can spend some time testing.

write more detailed instructions on WIKI and there will be much fewer messages about non-working. People consider the lack of indication in uboot tftp compared to stock as not working. If you do not write that in Windows 11 you do not register a GATEWAY in the connection, it is impossible to save the properties, it is considered not a working instruction...

In xmir-patcher it is not possible to make a full backup copy of the stock firmware - for now this is a fact (it writes an error and after a while the router reboots itself), just as it is not possible to make a copy partition by section, we get exactly the same error about saving without rebooting. Actually the same as with the AX3000t.

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I had my Xiaomi Redmi AX6000 running on OpenWrt 23.05.3 too, but noticed a significantly degraded 5 Ghz range. I noticed that the router's default bandwidth setting for 5 Ghz is set to 80/40/20 Mhz. I had no success trying to set the bandwidth to 160 Mhz via luci. When saving the setting the interface simply disables, also when trying with channels above 100.

I have now reverted to Xiaomi OEM stock firmware v 1.0.67 where I again have the 5 Ghz range that I atleast would expect.

I would however like to come back to openWrt on my AX6000.

Is this a known registered bug?
Is there a workaround for it using OpenWrt firmware?

For those who want to revert to OEM stock firmware Miwifi Repair Tool(for Windows) from Xiaomi is rather straightforward.

Thank you all for your support and keep up the great work!

What country are you in. My AX6000 only works on 160Mhz channel 64 in the UK.

I'm based in Poland.

During the setup of OpenWrt I didn't notice being asked or have seen in the gui that you can set a country code. But It's also nothing that I had looked for.

So with this in mind, I'm not sure in what country code my AX6000 was running on OpenWrt..

Hower, based on your input I will give it another try with OpenWrt on this router and see if I can get better 5Ghz performace.

It's in the advanced settings at the top under country code. Not sure what is available in Poland. Depends on whether other things are using 160Mhz i.e. weather satellite etc.

Flashed back to OpenWrt and it did the trick to set my PL country code.
The default setting for maximum transmit power was before setting the country code "default driver". After setting my country code to PL I could set for 160 Mhz bandwidth the maximum transmit power to be up to 100 mW for the range of channels below 100. For the channels above 100 I can further set the maximum transmit power to be up to 398 mW.

With this setting 398 mW maximum transmit power Iā€™m having more or less the same 5 Ghz coverage as with the OEM stock firmware and my former router.

Thank you for taking the time give your support.

Hi, While connecting to Orange Funbox6 (ax, 4x4, 160 MHz) as a client downlink speed varies from 2200 to 3800 Mbit, and uplink sets at about 1150 Mbit. Problem occurs even if routers are separated by 50 cm. At the same time Xiaomi AX3000T gets to 2400 Mbit in both ways without problem and stays there. Do you have any suggestions what could be the cause?

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Would love to know if this is possible too, thanks!

So, followed the tutorial and it went flawlessly installing release even though there are a few quirks in the tutorial. so big thanks.

I am curious though, since the AX6000 exposes 2 radios and I only need one, if I can merge the two radios to provide better coverage (if so, how?) , or if I should turn one off, or maybe just set one for a sepcial usage with a more distant computer...