Add OpenWrt support for Xiaomi "Redmi AX6000"

I believe it does

No, this is an alternative option, much like the RT3200/E8450 standard/UBI versions. Users should still be able to choose which one they’d prefer, and should not need to revert partition tables.

Are you certain?

Yes, that comment is if people wish to switch back to original partition and use the accompanying version for that layout.

So I want to get this AX6000 , can I trust the sanpshot status and get it working with open-wrt?
is there a detailed guide how to install open-wrt on it without going and reading this 7 months continues Thread ?

I was wondering the same thing. But it looks like it'll be pretty straightforward, soon.

That networking bug was just fixed, so snapshots are safe.

It looks like the main PR for easy installation, PR 11115, will be merged soon. Then we have to download the correct files (both initramfs-factory.ubi and squashfs-sysupgrade.bin, it looks like).

Then we just need to follow the detailed instructions in that PR. Note, all the instructions are in the first comment/commit message. We don't have to scroll through loads of threads :slight_smile:. That said, step 1 links to the wiki, for first gaining SSH access.

There's one other relevant PR at the moment, PR 11004. Until this is merged, the workaround is to replace the "sysupgrade" command in the instructions with "sysupgrade --force". However, in general sysupgrade --force can be dangerous, so we may be better holding off until this second PR is merged. It should be safe in this instance, but there are no guarantees, I suppose.

Thanks for that very helpful reply.
I was just about ordering the ax6s , and now you have said that it will be soon I will wait 2 weeks and see if there is a progress, and then decide to buy ax6000 or ax6s

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Ok no worries, last thing, So once the PR is merged and subsequent firmware images are built after this PR, I can just do the usual attended sysupgrade or just flash the usual sysupgrade.bin, I don't need to do anything else and my partition layout will remain as is?

I’d go with the AX6000 :slight_smile:

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There’s two approvals on the main (first) PR I mentioned. The comments have changed from “this doesn’t work” to “success! thanks very much your help”.

If I were you, I’d order the AX6000, today. For me, purchases from China take about a month to arrive. I’d be shocked if this isn’t merged before then.

I should be very clear I’m in no position to make any guarantees. I ordered mine last month, but I am partly comfortable flashing with a serial cable.

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Hello people! I'm new here and i'd like to ask, can i use both AX6S and AX6000 using openWRT with a Mesh connection?

And can i use just AX6S with openWRT and AX6000 with stock xiaomi's firmware with a Mesh connection?

ps.: I'm really excited to start using OpenWrt for the first time, mostly because of the BufferBloat solution using SQM :smiley:

You should be able to mesh both just fine. I’d very, very highly recommend NOT using the stock fw, and I’m not sure if their mesh implementation would even work.


So I'm an idiot and accidentally did sysupgrade without doing step 5. It is now bricked-ish I guess. I connected serial and I can access the uboot menu. I select console:

Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0 

I checked with printenv all my environment variables match step 5 except flag_try_sys1_failed=50 and flag_try_sys2_failed=7, which I assume is fine since they are larger than 6, and mtdparts, which is still at the factory settings. Does anyone know if I could just continue these instructions from step 3?


@ptpt52 - can you answer @oldtrino's question?

I did some reading and didn't see any reason it shouldn't work, so I went ahead and it worked. I used the instructions for the serial method, starting from step 3.

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what are you trying to do? to flash the new flash layout sysupgrade or flash the old-version layout of openwrt for AX6000?

I was trying to use the 112640k(ubi) layout so I could flash sysupgrade from the official snapshots . My plan was to use dimfish's no UART instructions, since I didn't want to build anything and he released his initramfs-factory.ubi build that works with ssh and the offical sysupgrade snapshot. But after accidentally skipping step 5 (obviously a silly and easily avoidable mistake), I was left with corrupted firmware. I switched to the serial method since uboot was still fine and everything works now. I don't have any experience in embedded so I hope that all makes sense.

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@ptpt52 Since you're here, thanks for the easy install method. It was fairly straightforward. I used remittor's xmir-flasher to get SSH access. Then I followed your instructions.

The initial reboot was a bit scary, but it worked. :grinning:

The hardest part, for me, was building an OpenWRT image, for the first time.

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Holy crap, that was it. Thank you so much! Everything works now