Add OpenWrt Support for Netonix "WS-12-250-AC"

Apologies, accidentally posted before being done. Adding info as we speak

Seems to be running a forked version of OpenWRT 8.09.2 vcoreiii by default.

SoC: MIPS 24K V5.4 (Vitesse VCore-III)
RAM: Micron DDR2 128MB 800Mhz
Flash: NAND? Can't locate

  • 6x M-TEK G50229SNGX Ethernet Modules
  • 2x SFP Ports (1G)
  • 24V/48V PoE Capable on all 12 RJ45 Ports, selectable. 24VH and 48VH compatible on first 2 ports
    Power: 230V AC (Internally converted to 48V)


Board pics: (Bottom only has the 3 extra M-TEK Modules)