Add new pre-build toolchain to OpenWrt

I want to add new pre-build toolchain to OpenWrt.

May I tell my example

I reckon first step must be added to archive ?

likely ar71xx

Assuming that you're referring to a pre-built compiler and set of utilities, there are configuration options in the .config file for an alternate tool chain. Those options can be accessed in the "usual" ways, such as make menuconfig

If I want to contribute?

Can follow which guideline?

If you want to merge a new toolchain into OpenWrt, it needs to be built from source during the build - and ideally using an upstream toolchain (binutils, gcc, musl), with a manageable amount of patches at most.

I got your point here.
Is there any commit that I can refer to? For example, some architecture might have added its toolchain support to openWRT.