Add new page to LuCi GUI

If someone here is willing to walk me through the steps required to add new page to LuCi interface, I would really appreciate it.

After "Logout" I would like to add a new tab called "MyPage" that displays a page with a single textbox and button. The button will send a value from textbox to serial port (I've got Arduino board connected to serial port).

What are the steps should i follow to do it?

Check out this youtube video [start at 06:45].

A bit different, but the approach is similar.

hi, did you manage to find how to add page to webUI, because i'm looking for the same thing, the problem is, i don't want to compile the whole image to create a firmware, i just want a package so i can just install it, just like creating and installing a new package., hope you don't mind to share informations,

You'll need the openwrt SDK for compiling packages only. After compilation, you'll have to copy the ipk files and perform opkg install.

Thank you for the replay, i already asked the same question in teltonika forum and posted the solution i found. this may help someone else so this is the link.