Add n instal package on barier breaker

Hi anyone , please somebody help me
now i use barrier breaker on my totolink n300rt
in this case i need some help
every my ruter reboot, i must do reconect wwan manualy to conect internet
i want to make this automaticaly 1x reconect wwan every after reboot
thanks before, and i hope someone to help me :slight_smile: GBU all

BB is old, unmaintained and has unpatched security issues. You should not use it any more.

In addition to this, N300RT is not officially supported by OpenWrt, see

In addition to this, N300RT has only 4MB flash / 32MB RAM -> insufficient resources for up-to-date OpenWrt, see for details.

Best you can do if you want to use an up-to-date and secure release of OpenWrt: Buy a new device which is officially supported by OpenWrt and which has sufficient ressources to run OpenWrt now and in the future.

yes is very old n low memory , but now i just have this device, i hope next year i can buy another router that suport openwrt oficialy . can you help me solve this case?

No. Barrier Breaker is not supported. None of the current packages work with it and most of the configuration approaches don't work with it. Your router may be the cause of the reliability problems as well.

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