Add more features to Openwrt device?

Hi everybody.
My question.

  • I have a device that has successfully loaded openwrt operating system used as a router.
    Now I want to install more applications to manage children, or block malicious links.
    Hope anyone can help with the above solution. Thanks

I don't think you can manage your children, but there's and adblock package for the rest ,)


You need CaaS: Children as a Service. They're fully managed with much lower TCO and will never cause you trouble again.

If not available in your region you can at least look at managing their internet time via this thread: Hourly time limit's / reward system for kids.


Thanks very much.

why not use adgard home ? i think is very good app for openwrt and easy to use

Why, just point your DNS (or clients via DHCP) to the adguard DNS IPs.