Add Device Support for Linksys E9450

Hi there, I recently got a Linksys E9450 router and I would like to know if support will be added to this router.

All depends on the internals. So far, only MediaTek's 802.11ax solution seems to have some support on OpenWrt.

There are, by definition, no plans to support any device, nor is there anyone waiting for support requests. Device support happens, if someone with the device on their desk starts working on porting it for their needs, there is no project budget to buy 'every device on the market' nor any work assignments to get a device supported 'by noon, or else'.

At this moment it isn't even clear what hardware (SOC/ wireless) they've chosen for this device, so it's even unclear if it would theoretically supportable in the first place.

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I found this. It is the teardown to the router along with some of the tech specs like the cpu is a BCM6750

It is on Chinese though. Would it help?

It helps in the sense that support for Broadcom SOC/ wireless is going to be a problem (and quite likely not going to happen).