Add device JJplus JWAP603

Hello, what would be the procedure to add the jwap603 device to the LEDE.

I thank you for your help.

You should download the source code from JJPlus. It looks like they use already OpenWrt.
You have to extract the image code and mach file and create a patch out of it against the master of LEDE.
The mach file and image code are somewhere under target/linux/ar71xx/.

Thank you. I'll do this procedure.

Is the way to create the target profile in LEDE the same as in OpenWRT? Or is it different?

I'm sorry for the question, but I'm new to it.

Its mostly compatible, but really depends.
I am downloading source code for it,if it wont take a lot of my time I can try porting it to LEDE

Thank you very much

Download is gonna take around 4 hourse,whopping 30 KB/s from their FTP

Hm,where did you download it from?
My zip is 390 MB?

Got first version,just building it now.

On the JJPlus website itself:

My version was 0.2, yours was 0.1
0.2 was much cleaner and without a lot of hacks used in 0.1

Hello, I know that the thread is a bit old .. I think I'm looking for the same thing @misfits , with the JWAP604.
@robimarko Is there any possibility of seeing this board in the supported devices?

I opened this thread about it, thank you so much.

Sorry, I am really low on time and already got some devices as a project