Add date to all posts on website

Is it possible to always add a date to every post on the website.
This will make it much more clear when something was written and thus gives an indication of the status of things.



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The request is understandable. However, we are talking about a wiki, so neither a "created on" date nor a "last changed" date are particularly helpful. Neither date indicates which portion of the content has changed, or whether any of it is current.

You can already check the change history of every page, even without an user account:


Thanks for the explanation.
I understand, I was just wondering about this in relation to the various messages on the merge of lede and owrt as well ( so to know what to expect when).

For the wiki I agree, the change-history should provide enough info.


The last modified date is at the bottom of each page:

Ah, now I understand, you are talking about the "news items" on the front page. Yes, I agree, they could do with a date stamp. (And a contemporary design, but that's another conversation.)