Add D-Link DWR-922

The D-Link DWR 922 E2 appears to be identical to the DWR 921 C1/C3.

Based on the discussion here:
and the changes here:

I went through and modified my local copies of those files to add support for the DWR-922 E2.

It was all identical to the 921 C1/C3, except for the ROM ID, and the line I used was:
DLINK_ROM_ID := DLK6E2414005

Doing the normal make menuconfig, selecting the target, and make, resulted in a factory.bin which I was able to flash through the OEM web ui.

I haven't managed to get the WWAN link up yet, but it detects the modem, and I can interact with it, do network scans, read the IMSI off the SIM card etc, so that's some user error in configuring it.

I don't know how to make a push/pull/merge request or whatever I have to do to add the device, so this forum post will have to do. Mainly wanted to report that it works. Flashing back to the OEM firmware is possible by holding the reset button while powering on until all LEDs start flashing rapidly, and then using the "jon recovery" web page to load the OEM firmware bin file.

Using the LuCI web UI and creating a wwan interface for the QMI device it comes up fine. LEDs need to be configured manually to enable the signal strength LED, and the 4G LED etc.

Congratulations for your success!


OK, I think I managed to work all that out and do it properly :slight_smile: PR has been submitted.

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Have you opened the device already?

Reason for asking:

  1. There is currently no wikidevi page for the DWR-922 E2 (sidenote: on the devicepage you created you mention E3), only for
    Would be great if someone with direct hardware access could create a page for the 922 E2 (or E3).

  2. The devicepage is missing some photos (case, PCB, serial port,...) Would be great if someone with direct hardware access could take some photos and add them to the devicepage. See or instructions.

Whoops, E3 was a typo. I fixed it to E2. I added the photos.

I have a 921 C1, and the 922 E2. They are identical, except for the FSX SLIC chip. Should I just duplicate most of the 922 C2 page? Thus far a different memory vendor is the only difference I can see, Nanya vs EtronTech.

Yes, you can copy from 921 as far as the content / description is identical for both.

Hey guys. Sorry to revive the thread, but I have a DWR-922 HW. Version B2

How would I go about adapting / modifying the fw for it?
Are there any guides or instructions I could follow?
Could anybody give me any pointers?