Add 4 ports gbe RTL8111h linux driver to openwrt

HI there,

I have an x86 pc installed openwrt and realtek rtl8111h 4 ports ethernet nic on pcie. The device was detected. but have some strange behavior. The link is always down. and the nic was detected as r8169 when I checked on dmesg.

Then, to make sure the device was working. i have installed ubuntu 22.04, the nic was running well. also on windows 10 the nic is working well.

My question is, Can I add linux driver to openwrt? If can, any links or tutorial to do that.


r8169 appears to be the correct driver.

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Did you enable the ports? You at least need to add a "interface" with protocol "unmanaged" (or add them to a bridge) in order to bring them up


Thank you, now its work.

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