Adblocking Software add-on

I am completely new to this.
I have just loaded OpenWrt onto a Linksys WRT3200acm. It seems great.
I have loaded Adblock, (having used a PiHole before). It seems much more elegant to do adblocking within the router.
One question.
How do I view automatically blocked websites / website elements, as I used to do in PiHole?
If Adblock blocks something I don't know about, I can't whitelist an important (to me) URL.
Similarly, I can't blacklist a URL that is allowed (I used to blacklist "" for example).
It seems very laborious to me to have to use the command line, which I'm not confident about, than to have a page in LuCI.
If a page in LuCI is not available, could that be a reasonable feature request?

No clue about a PiHole...but does the Adblock's web GUI Advanced tab provide any hints?