Adblocker doesn't start

Hi, stupid question probably but I can't get adblocker ot run.
System log states:
"your adblock config seems to be too old, please update your config with the '--force-maintainer' opkg option"

I'm running davidc502 latest build and have not done anything to the adblocker config file.

Thanks for helping out!

I got that error when using an old config.

You never state if you upgraded from an old installation where it worked.

Never used it so not ure if it works with the config I have.

Updating your image and saving the configs will keep an outdated adblock config. Mod the file using a diff, or get the current one and reset.

You are absolutely right, I copied the original adblock to adblock_old, made a new file with the contents from github repo adblock, and now it's working like a charm.

Another question, keeping config from upgrade to upgrade (1 year and going strong), does that create some issues getting the latest functionality to work as expected?
Or said somewhat easier, will my old config files create issues for me in the long run, so I should start off with a completely new openwrt build once a while?

depends, I tend to keep and eye on the github streams, but every once in a while I also start from scratch as if a new setup with an extracted backup for reference.

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