Adblock - using jail blocklist feature

Hey, not sure if I'm posting on the forum correctly - but finding it hard to work out how to do it correctly!

I've got adblock version 3.5.5-2 on my OpenWRT router with the frontend installed.

I'm trying to implement a whitelist system for certain devices on my network, where only a few sites can be accessed on these sites that are safe for vulnerable children.

On the config page, I've noticed the 'Jail' Blocklist Creation option (picture attached). This seems to be exactly what I want.

Can somebody please help me as to how I now actually USE this option for a device? I can't find anything on how to actually implement this feature!

NOTE: the best implementation for this feature, would actually be for a whitelist to be used by default on ALL devices EXCEPT some, which would just use default adblocking, or none at all. If anybody thinks there's a good way to implement this, let me know.

Any reason to not post this in the adblock support thread?

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No, I'm just struggling with how to navigate the forum!

Described in this post (for dnsmasq): Block all website url except some whitelisted

Hey @dibdot - thanks for the reply. I've come across that post, was able to successfully do it. Is there a way to make the blocking specific to certain devices on the network? Even a setup where I have two ssids, with one being restricted and another unrestricted, would be acceptable. Cheers

dns based adblock works solely per dns instance, therefore you need multiple dnsmasq instances ... search the forum please.

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