Adblock support thread

I tried adblock: update 4.1.0 and happy to see the new option Shallalist, UTCapitole, Energized and StevenBlack list section. I tried some categories, but seems it is not working. I noticed that there is no additional urls in the black list even if I selected some of the categories. Find this screenshot. Sources that is not in the collection works fine. Dont have any specific errors in Logview..


I am also waiting for this option to block or allow based on internal IP address. I did not see any option, so far

I think there are a way to do this.
But it involves to have two dns server instance & I think there is a hidden option in adblock.

  • We have to create multiple network ex: child network, ect...
    There is no documentation but, there are probably some post on the forum.

I found the hidden option

And here another example:

The option to create multiple DNS instance is great. But it seems very complicated. I was looking for some simple method , as like in AdGuard Home, where I can block/allow Blacklists and Safe search option based on internal IP address. Which means IP 1 block list 1 and IP 2 Blocklist 2 and IP 3 enable safe search.

I never used adguard.
Adguard is available in openwrt.
You can use adguard in place of adblock.

Edit: correction it's adguard home, and it's a go binary that you have to run depending of your router cpu

Adguard Home is available on OPenWRT, But I dont want to use it because of two concerns.

  1. Safe search not working all the time. We need to configure Adguard Home on a different port (since openWRTDNS works on port 53) and need to use DNS forwarding. So sometimes safesearch and filtering is misbehaving.
  2. It sends the urls to a central server for categorizing the malware and adult related domains. Not comfortable with that.

I found Adblock is a perfect solution and many thanks for those who maintains it. I am using this for last 2 weeks and I like the solution.
I found some improvement areas so far in these;

  1. The reporting GUI can be improved a more
  2. Clinet/IP based filtering.
  3. DNSSEC and DNS over TLS

What do you mean by that? To get variable lists or archives you have to

  1. enable the source and
  2. select certain categories/list variants

Works for me.

ad 1) what kind of information is missing?
ad 2) not possible, adblock provides only a blocklist for different dns backends (there is no additional dns daemon running in the background like adguard). IP based views by dns backends are not supported yet widely - only bind support that if I remembered correctly. Just setup different dns instances or hardcode other non-local DNS on certain clients.
ad 3) that has nothing todo with adblock, that's just a feature of the used dns backend.

Hi Dibdot.. Many thanks for maintaining this great project. I am really thankful to you.
I was not knowing that Adblcok architecture and totally understand that Item #2 and #3 are not possible. Can you please provide some more details on how Adblock works to give me some idea.

Nice to have improvements for GUI DNS reports.

  1. A filter that can filter more from the first criteria. For example, If the log shows the sites visited from my internal system, can we further drill down to Blocked/Allowed, which filter blocked it.
  2. Maximum results set size can be from TO Date or a customizable number events
  3. This one I don't think can be implemented with Adblcok. But may be you can advice. - I understand tcpdump is storing reports in pcap format in /tmp/adblock-Report/ directory and DNS Reports reading those. (correct me if I am wrong). Is there an application that can read the same .pcap files and create a Dashboard that can show which sites allowed/what category ( news/shopping etc), which sites blocked/what category (porn/dating/violence etc). I know this is outside of this application. But can you please advice.

Use the "Block Query..." function for this, e.g.:

You can't drill down in the global list itself (there are no back reference information in it).

This is not enough? You can filter for various criteria like a date, a domain or a client name, e.g.:

The report engine in adblock parse the pcap files and builds a json file for presentation in adblock (CLI and LuCI). I do not know any tools which builds categories or something like that based on pcap information - sorry.

AdGuard names 6,000+ web trackers that use CNAME chicanery: Feel free to feed them into your browser's filter

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Personally I don't want to use any plugins attached my browser, so that it has extensive access to the browser content and activities. I tried ADguard home with OpenWRT, but found safe search is not working frequently and also there is some miss on trackers. I believe that was because we use AdGuardHome on a different DNS port and using DNS forwarding. Then I decided to switch to Adblock and it is working perfect.

YouTube blocking is still impossible? would be fine for Smart TVs.

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I dont think blocking YouTube Ads is possible, because YouTube streams ads along with the same data stream. For phone, I am using google free android OS and NewPipe, and it wont show any Ads while playing Youtube videos. Since this is not an openWRT subject, I dont want to discuss this more here

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I already know how to block on android, pc, etc, but not Smart TV. Can't implement adblock Chrome method?

adblock Chrome method? Dont know how Adblock running on OpenWRT can understand browser chrome

Chrome plugins are not understood by openwrt, but Chrome's adblock if it effectively blocks YouTube, that code can't be implemented? I understand little about programming

I also don't have programming background. But Adblock works differently than browser plugins. Adblock filter based on DNS blacklists and only have access to DNS queries. Adblock don't have access to the browsing content and so it is totally different from the working method of browser plugins. That is why Adblock,Pi-hole and AdguardHome is not effective for Youtube advertisements.
But even though it can't block the Youtube advertisements, this is highly recommended than browser plugins like Chromes Adblock or even uBlockorigin. Why because, all these browser plugins can access and record what you browse and it is not at all appreciated in terms or privacy.
Then you will ask Chrome already seeing browser data then what it is a big deal about plugins. I suggest don't use any google products including Chrome. Only use Open Source software from reputed sources.
These days the free products provided by Google,MS and Facebook and others sell our privacy to feed their business.
I know my response goes beyond your query, but trying to put my opinions here.


@dibdot My DNS Report tab doesn't show anything even after a refresh. Not sure when did it start to happen and why. I'm using Adblock 4.1.0-1 in R7800 Hynm build. Having the force local zone and port with multiple firewall zones on. Using dnsmasq. The adblock is working just fine (I have tested). Anything I can report?