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Regarding the bug I mentioned above, the speedy devs have already fixed it, so tomorrow's snapshot should be all good.

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I guess it got lost within the other questions. Can you @dibdot or someone else shed some light on the preservation of the DNS cache when adblock is used in combination with unbound? I'm a bit confused, how adblock effects this and if unbound will still cache or not. A not-caching DNS resolver would be a bit inconvenient.

The unbound cache will be preserved via unbound-control.

What do you think is going on here? Not sure I've seen the same site get OK and NX back-to-back, much less multiple ones.

config adblock 'global'
        option adb_enabled '1'
        option adb_debug '0'
        option adb_forcedns '1'
        option adb_safesearch '0'
        option adb_dnsfilereset '0'
        option adb_mail '0'
        option adb_report '1'
        option adb_backup '1'
        option adb_dns 'dnsmasq'
        option adb_fetchutil 'curl'
        option adb_trigger 'wan'
        option adb_triggerdelay '2'
        list adb_sources 'oisd_big'
        option adb_repiface 'eth1'
        list adb_zonelist 'lan'
        list adb_zonelist 'worklan'
        list adb_portlist '53'
        list adb_portlist '853'
        list adb_portlist '5353'

Which adblock version? Maybe IPv4 vs. IPv6...

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Can you say something about what (type of) client is sending the requests?

I don't have IPv6 connectivity from my provider, maybe that's it. It's version 4.1.5-10.

I seed some Linux distros so this is tracker connections. I know they do try to reach out via IPv6, but I don't recall seeing NX for them in the log in Adblock.

Something recently new is I used to do my own DNS redirect with firewall rules, but I now leave that up to Adblock's Force Local DNS option. Maybe that's why I see these now in the log and not before?

I did queries on those domains in Adblock and they are not blocked.

After updating to the latest version 4.1.5-10, AdBlock suddenly stopped working on my R7800 :thinking: Log is also empty.

What to do?

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Set a startup trigger ... or update to 4.1.5-11 (see for reference).


Awesome, setting a startup trigger (LAN) fixed the issue :tada:

I have a virtualized OpenWRT on a Proxmox (X86) environment and a lot of resources available.

My goal is to use Unbound as a resolver.

With Archlinux or Debian this is quickly set up, I think it makes sense to continue using DNSMasq as a DHCP server.

Roughly speaking, what are the steps to run Adblock in Unbound?
I realized this a few years ago with a Fritzbox 4040.
Since it was so long ago, I can't remember the order in which I did it.

Check out adb_dns in the readme.


I'm looking for a way to reload Adblock when the internet is up. I know about setting the trigger to WAN and adding a delay, but it's not always working in my case. My router is connected to an ONU, and the ONU needs time to connect to the PPPoE and get the internet.

I asked ChatGPT (civil engineer is here with no programming experience :roll_eyes:), and it suggested the following script to put in the local startup section in LuCI:

# /etc/rc.local

# Function to check internet connectivity
check_internet() {
    # Try to ping Google DNS
    ping -c 1 >/dev/null 2>&1
    return $?

# Wait until internet is available
until check_internet; do
    sleep 5

# Restart adblock once internet is available
/etc/init.d/adblock restart

exit 0

However, it doesn't always work; sometimes the loaded domains still read 0 after a simultaneous reboot of the ONU and router.

Any suggestions ?


^^ Would try trigger WAN again and increase delay in /etc/config/adblock

option adb_triggerdelay '60'

or more....

I'm specifically looking for a way to check ping to first, and when there is ping..adb reload.
Is that possible?