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option adb_repiface 'any'

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Short question. What is this "Trigger delay" in "Additional settings" tab? Additional time spent in waiting after interface brought up before adblock starts downloading or something different?

Looks like it's to delay access to the temp file system on initial startup, see /usr/bin/ at line 431:

 f_log "err" "the temp base directory '${adb_tmpbase}' does not exist/is not mounted yet, please create the directory or raise the 'adb_triggerdelay' to defer the adblock start"

... OK, thank you. Then I will switch to wan6 as my trigger interface. It is not often when I reboot my router but today I noticed that some parts of my list were not properly loaded after reboot. First idea was to add some delay but later I found that those lists which failed were all resolved as IPv6 addresses. And wan6 takes 2-3 seconds more to bring up (DHCPv6).

@dibdot can you add Yandex DNS to your doh_blocklist?

Addresses and IPs are at very bottom of

I'm wanting to run different block lists on different dnsmasq instances I'm wondering on a method to do this.
I was thinking I could clone adblock and the luci app rename the init scripts and config files etc would I be able to run two instances of adblock?