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I've read discussion in the thread from a few years ago about performance and using addn-hosts block method vs. using the address directive. I am running 4.1.3 and my installation still seems to be using address directives (>50K of them!) rather than addn-hosts. The performance of dnsmasq on my router is horrible with those >50K address directives.

How do I switch to using add-hosts? I don't see any of the DNS Backend knobs in LuCI that were discussed a few years ago to select which mechanism to use.

Update: Looking through this thread a bit more, I see a posting that says adblock never uses addn-hosts, but I am sure I read topics before it and after it with people referring to it.

In any case, if dnsmasq and it's address directive are so horribly inefficient is the solution here to switch DNS servers to something else such as unbound or bind even?

Replaced dnsmasq with unbound. CPU usage is much much lower now.

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But now unbound is OOMing the device and being killed by the OOM-killer. :frowning_face:

There's a "jail" feature for that. But I don't know how to configure it.

"Jail" feature for unbound?

What I do for this is selective DNS hijacking. I direct everything by default to the CleanBrowsing Family Filter DNS which I'd thoroughly recommend for blocking vile content - it blocks almost all porn and enforces safe search on Google images and YouTube. Any DNS requests by clients on port 53 are hijacked and go to the CleanBrowsing server. Then for certain MAC addresses (televisions and iPad) I redirect to Cloudflare instead.

And 'this device' i.e. router is set to use CleanBrowsing Family Filter via stubby.

I think you could do the same to achieve what you are looking for?


Thank you for the info.

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Hi there, newbie here.
I've been running Adblock with dnsmasq + "forcing local DNS" and it has been working well.
Now, I was trying to make "stubby" work to forward DNS requests from specific hosts on my LAN via DoT, but I can't get it to work.

What I am trying to achieve:

  1. Some hosts to resolve DNS via Adblock in the Openwrt router
  2. Some hosts to resolve DNS using external specific DNS Server, via DoT

For #2, I am trying to setup Stubby, but it only works when I disable Adblock.

Is there a way to accomplish #1 and #2? Do I need 2 instances of a DNS server running in the OpenWRT router?

Thank you!

Hi, i can't find the log. /tmp/adblock-Report does'nt exists


Have you run a report since your last reboot/restart?

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Thank you guy, option not saw and not flagged. Now it work.

I don't know the details, the documentation lacks in that department.