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Simple. Just look for "Extremist Filter List" by Adolf Putin, you'll get both that and Instagram blocked right away. :rofl:

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Please, no trollin'....

Sorry, with Facebook blocking that door was wide open and I had to go in...

How can I select one of the included ad filters in the /etc/init.d/adblock list command? My router is based on OpenWRT, so I can't install the LUCI interface.

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Edit, add new adblock sources:
The adblock blocklist sources are stored in an external, compressed JSON file '/etc/adblock/adblock.sources.gz'. This file is directly parsed in LuCI and accessible via CLI, just call /etc/init.d/adblock list :


I do not use Adblock and other than this search/link to the file directing you to search for the CLI usage near the bottom of the page for usage instruction; this is as far as I can assist.

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::: domain '' in backups and black-/whitelist

On the report page it has response OK. So not blocked. Why?

Disregard, seems some queries bled out to an external dns


I am using adblock with a proxy in my network on client. Everything works fine but the DNS report from adblock shows localhost instead of the host IP address when an host use the proxy.

In tinyproxy, I enable and disable X-Tinyproxy header settings but the result is the same for both cases. The effect of this option is the following:

Via: 1.1 tinyproxy (tinyproxy/1.10.0)
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
User-Agent: Netscape/5.0
If-Modified-Since: Fri, 25 Mar 2022 13:01:34 GMT
Upgrade-Insecure-Requests: 1
Accept-Language: en-US,en;q=0.5
If-None-Match: "abc-gzip"
Cache-Control: max-age=0
Cookie: XSRF-TOKEN=123
Accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,image/webp,*/*;q=0.8
X-Tinyproxy: client_private_ip_address  <-------

An header is added in the header with the client IP address.

I think the DNS report give me localhost because the proxy server is running on the same host than adblock.

How in case of a proxy adblock can use the host IP address instead of localhost in the DNS report ?


Guys I need your help with something. I have openwrt on mi3g, with adblock installed, but sometimes, when I turn on the router, after it connects to the internet, adblock does not start the lists, forcing me to manually reload it for the lists to load and this is annoying as hell .

Is there any way I can create a rule for it whenever the internet activates it automatically reloading the lists?

Hello, just installed this today on my WRT3200ACM and wanted to say thanks to Dirk and anyone else who helps with this project. It is a lot of fun and the price can't be beat :wink: I've also had a lot of fun with Pi-hole but moved to the WRT3200ACM with OpenWrt to clean up my desk. One of the things that gave me confidence to install this was Dirk's nonstop support for many years on this forum. I was afraid it might bork my DOH config but the install was flawless and I'm up and running with OISD basic list. Thank you!!

Hi. Need advice why blocking works on android, Linux livecd but not on Linux laptop installation.
I don't use any VPN.

Reasons would include:

  • the client having configured a different DNS server, instead of taking the offer from the dhcp lease (plain dns traffic can be hijacked though, and adblock offers that option)
  • your browser defaulting to DoH, as they increasingly do (only option would be to disable it in the browser, technically using should work as well - if the browser(s) obey it)
  • Your distribution installing a local validating resolver (kill it with fire)
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There was nothing in dhcpcd.conf.
But I forgot I added goggle dns to resolv.conf.head during installation.

I am facing issues with Adblock often erroring out with 0 domains blocked. This happens a lot as my PPPoE connection is somewhat flaky. Setting delay to 30 seconds in Adblock settings also fails, if it takes time to establish the PPPoE connection. Backup is also enabled, but that does not help much.

As Adblock trigger, I can only select wan6 as network trigger, and not pppoe-wan6 (Tunnel Interface).

Unbound shows the tunnel interface pppoe-wan6 in its own options, but not Adblock (where only lan, wan and wan6 are shown).

Can you make Adblock detect and display all interfaces including Tunnel interfaces, Aliases, and virtual interfaces, in the network trigger option?

Could you please add Greek block list?

My default install of Adblock is rather heavy-handed in what it is blocking. When a page is blocked, I would like to know which Blocklist Source caused the block.

Is there a way to report the blocking blacklist source to the user in lieu of ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED?

If not, can someone advise me how I could set up logging in a way that would allow me to find this out?

Thanks in advance!

No, the modern -https-everywhere- web is black or white, either the domain can't resolve (NXDOMAIN) or you talk to the right (ad-)server (courtesy of HSTS) - no injections possible (which would quite badly break site design anyways, most of the time).

Start with a small (well audited) blocklist and extend/ reduce it as necessary. Router side adblock will never be complete and should be un-obstrusive (if you need more than a handful of whitelisted domains for a given blocklist, maybe you should ditch the overblocking one altogether).

Ok guys , since updated my router, each time the adblock update automatically the database i read blocked domains=0 (00 10 * * * /etc/init.d/adblock reload on Scheduled Tasks ) . Manual update (reload) it works. Already installed libustream-mbedtls and libmbedtls but the problem persists. I don't know were's the issue (adblock or other) .

2° Question : Always for adblock i will use the "email notification options" that use msmtp. But msmtp doesn't have luci interface to configure it. There's alternative for msmtp with luci or there a luci for msmtp? ( i think not ).

Thanks for suggestions!


I don't have clear if I can do the following:
google ads are blocked
but for a particular website, let's say, I would like to allow google ads
So google ads would be blocked everywhere except for
Is it feasible?