Adblock - substantial reduction during reload

My list selections generally run about 135,000 overall domains. But after a reload today, that number dropped to about 77,000.... so I added more lists and the number stayed the same after the refresh. I tried a hard restart, and that number is dropped to 48,000, then back to 77,000 after another refresh. No errors in the log.... should I assume someone's list is offline and openwrt doesn't log this as an error?

thank you for your response.

Just enable adblock debug logging in the LuCI interface & check the logs afterwards.


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Thank you for your suggestion. I tried it, and didn't see any error messages. But this time, the whole list came back. about 135k blocked sites. So whatever was happening must have been gotten fixed. Regardless, thank you for your response.

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didn't know that was there. will do and thank you.

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