Adblock Setup from a fresh install

I followed this guide to install and set up Adblock:

However, it doesn't appear to be working. I've verified this through, but performing nslookup over SSH yields a block.

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So I'm confused, is it working or not?

Hey! My assumption would be that adblock blocks in-browser ads, and since detectadblock says ads are being allowed on all devices that don't have an adblocker I'm inclined to believe it isn't working. Unless that's not the kind of system this is.

  • Are you sure your devices are using only your OpenWrt for DNS requests?
  • What block lists did you enable?
  • Are there any errors in the log?
  • Try

More details are needed.

  1. For any mobile devices I was sure to disable all mobile data, and for all others they just automatically get stuff from the DNS. Therefore I'd assume that's covered.
  2. All the default plus some of the malware and advert lists.
  3. Nope, no errors.
  4. Sure I'll try that!

After some testing it does appear to be working! I guess it won't provide the same degree of noticeable change as installing uBlock Origin, but domains are being blocked.

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If you're seeking scripts to be blocked from the same site, yes, you'll need done onid of script blocker.

Adblock does domain blocking - glad it's working for you.

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