Adblock problem with the display of reports

I have installed and set up adblock in Luci and am actually satisfied for now. But unfortunately, there is a problem that I was also able to reproduce on another router.
It worked at the beginning but now if I want to display a report on "DNS Report" with "Refresh", the page loads and nothing is displayed at the end. It simply says "Loading view". No adblock tab works at all then, only after some time can at least the settings be called up again.
Has anyone else observed such behavior? Does anyone know a solution to the problem?

large logs perhaps ?
something is timing out, or OOMs ?

I recieve now the following error:

" TypeError can't convert null to object"

The folder /tmp/adblock-Report has 44.4M. Could be possible. I will recherche about logs in adblock now..... how it is the best to handle it....

the logrotate package ?

your adblock config, please.