AdBlock - Only predefined blocklist . Why?

Hello, I have been using AdBlock for some time and I am quite happy with it. However in recent versions I have seen that it has been modified to use a predefined block source list and I don't think it is possible to add more. This was not the case in previous versions. They could be entered freely (compatibly with the ram and cpu of the router to avoid OOM) and now I find myself unable to use some lists because they are no longer included in this list. For example local lists for languages. Why is it no longer possible? Thank's

Who said that? Just consult the readme


@dibdot hello, I would like the list to be added in subsequent versions:

by default. It's possible? Alternatively, restore the ability to enter the addresses of the lists manually.

Ok @dibdot . For me this post can be marked as solved ( i can't do ). Thanks.

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