Adblock-oisd : 22.03 allows you to use huge blocklists with dnsmasq

@Wizballs and @account4538, please see these commits:

In summary:

  • adblock-oisd now checks for environment variable RANDOM_DELAY="1";
  • if RANDOM_DELAY="1", adblock-oisd sleeps for a random number of minutes between 0 and 60 prior to downloading the new oisd.txt file; and
  • the suggested Scheduled Task for adblock-oisd has been updated to set RANDOM_DELAY="1" prior to running adblock-oisd start().

Let me know if you see any issues or possible improvements.

@Wizballs would it be an idea to rename this thread to adblock-oisd, give basic description and have thread moved to community projects? That's kina how the original cake-autorate thread came about - original thread led to development of project,