Adblock, I suspect a bug

Adblock 3.5.5-3 on OpenWrt 18.06.4 r7808-ef686b7292. When configured using LUCI web interface, it emptys the content of /etc/rc.local.
I don't remember if this happens only when I check the box to activate adblock on adblock LUCI web interface page or not, since now I have uninstalled it: I have a script at startup that I cannot lose at every reboot.

adblock didn't work with the rc.local file, therefore your assumption is wrong.
Most probably it's a bug within the System/Startup page (where you find the rc.local content too).

As @dibdot pointed out, it's probably this bug, it's been fixed in master, but if you'd like to stay on 18.06.4 you can apply @jow's fix to this file -


Yes, you are right. I've read the bug page and it happens what it describes.
I'm sorry but I've not understood is there is a single file whose text I can copy and replace or if I have to manually copy and paste each change to the file.
Thank you.

You can just manually add/delete the changes, there's only 5 additions and 1 deletion so it will only take a couple of minutes, the additions are the lines in green and the deletion is the line in red, for example the first addition is at line 10 -

local handled = false

And the only deletion is at line 90 -

if state == FORM_VALID then

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