Adblock filtering without DHCP spare router?

Hello there,

I do have an spare router with Openwrt and i would like to use it as Adblock server without being the main router as the other router is much better and powerful.

So the question is any idea on how to accomplish that? How do i make the spare router an ad block filter without making it the main router and without enabling dhcp on that one?

Maybe i could set up some static ip routes but then i think hosts wont be used as it's not dhcp server?

Waiting to hear. Thanks in advance.

If you can customize the dhcp settings on the main router, put the openwrt device as dns.

Or (in the firewall) redirect all outgoing dns traffic on the main router to the IP of the openwrt router.

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Thank you very much, good idea to use it as DNS!

That should do it XD

Any other good use for spare routers ? What else would you install on a spare piece of tech?

APs, assuming they're capable enough.

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