Adblock does not initiate after reboot - fixed - closed!

GM Team,

I have installed banip & adblock.
When I restart the system(like scheduled reboot in the morning) Adblock does not initiate themself. I can not restart, stop or suspend:


root@OpenWrt:~# logread -e "adblock"
Sat Jun 29 06:33:56 2024 adblock-4.1.5[1858]: backup directory '/tmp/adblock-Backup' created
Sat Jun 29 06:33:56 2024 user.debug adblock-4.1.5[1858]: f_dns ::: dns: dnsmasq, dns_dir: /tmp/dnsmasq.d, dns_file: adb_list.overall, dns_user: dnsmasq, dns_instance: 0, backup: 1, backup_dir: /tmp/adblock-Backup, jail_dir: /tmp
Sat Jun 29 06:33:56 2024 user.debug adblock-4.1.5[1858]: f_fetch ::: fetch_util: /bin/uclient-fetch, fetch_parm: --timeout=20 -O
Sat Jun 29 06:33:56 2024 adblock-4.1.5[1858]: report directory '/tmp/adblock-Report' created
Sat Jun 29 07:14:19 2024 daemon.err uhttpd[3132]: [info] luci: accepted login on /admin/services/adblock/dnsreport for root from


root@OpenWrt:~# /tmp/adblock-Report
-ash: /tmp/adblock-Report: Permission denied

My current workaround:
Deinstall adblock and reinstall...

What's gonig wrong?


ls -l /tmp/adblock-Report

root@OpenWrt:~# ls -l /tmp/adblock-Report
root@OpenWrt:~# /tmp/adblock-Report
-ash: /tmp/adblock-Report: Permission denied

there's no /tmp/adblock-Report, what are you trying to do ?

From my point of view...why I have no


try answering the question instead.

Sorry, where was your question?

I only read a syntax.

I wanted to start the service Adblock.

root@OpenWrt:~# ls -l /tmp/adblock-Report
root@OpenWrt:~# cd /tmp/adblock-Report
root@OpenWrt:/tmp/adblock-Report# ls

Hi this is related with WAN up.

You can put this command in startup

sleep 180
service adblock restart

Pls note - you can adjust the sleep time depending on your wan connectivity.

I was also thinking in that alley.
Solution could be fixed within adblock settings.

Additional Settings->Trigger Delay->180

(I've got mine set to 30)


Thanks for response.
But in the past I hadn't such a behaviour...and...when I restart the system currently, Adblock will not start...

For me it's normal behavior Adblock tries to load & fetch data on boot before WAN interface is online (thus fails), so setting a delay of 30 seconds is the fix for me.

If you don't want to try the (imo obvious) fix because it was not needed in the past. I don't know how else to troubleshoot..

When you would try fix and post the outcome (it worked, or problem is persistent) others might be able to help troubleshoot further.



Thanks Chris

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