ADB P.DG A4001N too slow for SQM Cake?

I haven't found much information but I believe it has a 320Mhz CPU, my connection is not top tier either: 25 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload.
I have succesfully patched this firmware: and I'm running SQM Cake with these settings:
I'm just unsure if this might be too much for the poor thing as sometimes when playing Apex Legends I get some random lag spikes.

If this is the case then. Which good router do you recommend for SQM cake and my current internet speed?. Which settings should I use on SQM or should I disable it completely?

A typical test for overload would be to generate saturating traffic, say a number of wget down and uploads, and/or uploads to mozilla's encrypted file sharing service ( while logging into the router via secure shell (ssh) and monitor the idle and sirq fields of a concurrently started top -d 1. If idle gets too close to zero (rule of thumb if you see <= 5% idle things are probably too tight for comfort.
That way you will not need to extrapolate from the experience others have with their routers...
Good luck.

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Well I did some speedtests and it got close to 0% idle for a split second, mostly when downloading, after that it stayed at 15-30% idle. I think the cause of my lag spikes while playing is just poor infrastructure from my ISP, I do get lag spikes even when pinging and being 95% idle with WiFi disabled.

Ah, in case of expected latency spikes from the ISP's side I would run mtr on the router (opkg update ; opkg install mtr ; mtr -z and look how the worst case RTTs are distributed along the path. You can/should replace (Goggle's DNS server, which will typically resolve to a close by data center) with something more relevant for your usage. If you find something suspicious there it would be time to try to also get reverse traceroutes/mtrs from the target site to your router going. Please be aware that interpretation of mtr/traceroure results is less straight forward than one would hope (see for some pointers).

Good luck!

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