AD Hoc - Mesh on WRT300N

My group recently started a project to create a mesh network with WRT300N v1.1 using LEDE. I have used the documentation for LEDE to configure batman-adv, but had very little luck, so I went back to the beginning to connect the routers together as an Ad Hoc network to begin with.

I was able to create the Ad Hoc on router one with the iw command line option:
iw wlan0 ibss join ....

And I could scan and connect to it from the other router as well, but even though both routers have connected to the ad hoc it shows in the luci interface:

0% SSID: meshdup | Mode: Ad-Hoc
BSSID: 96:49:26:A0:E0:6C | Encryption:

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

hi! Can you please further clarify "but had very little luck"? From what I understood, you want to create a mesh network using the batman-adv protocol right? I was able to do this recently since the instructions for configuring lede was very straightforward. I need more information on what seems to be your problem.

I have no problem installing lede or installing batman. I even was able to join the 2 routers via ad hoc and I could join to computers to the ad hoc and ping to both routers on the ad hoc from both pcs but could not ping router to router with or without Batman. Batman never saw another Batman router and on the luck interface they just say disabled or not associated. What type of routers are you using?

So what I learned is Linksys routers do not like to communicate between each other.

I found one reference to this and once I added an Asus RT N10+ B1 router to the mix wix Lede flashed we were in business with Batman-adv working as well as able to ping between them, but it still shows in the LuCi that it has 0%/Disabled.

LuCI hasn't been "well trained" yet to manage mesh parameters or mesh status.

iw dev <wlanX> station dump from the command line should give you lots of information, even if not in a "friendly" way.

Once I started using non linksys routers they started showing up and the connected percentage started showing up as well in Luck :slight_smile: was all the linksys to linksys causing problems

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