Active WLAN in openwrt

I need help in finding a way to activate wlan in openwrt.
If you take a look at the screenshot, there is no wlan or wifi option.

openwrt wlan

I installed openwrt inside a container in portainer. Portainer itself is a feature of openmeadiavault which i flashed on my raspberry pi 4 as OS.

On the faq i read the article called " How do I enable WiFi?" and there they talk about " Solution: Turn it ON in /etc/config/wireless by changing disabled 1disabled 0"
but i don't have this directory "/etc/config/wireless" because its in a container i assume.

So how do i activate wlan ?

Make sure there's a wifi capable device detected....

The screenshot above does not look like any official OpenWrt release. You're likely using a custom fork - ask the supplier of the device/firmware for support.

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Can you then link me an appropriated image for Raspberry Pi4 which i can load into portainer ?

Now you mentioned it, its propably a fork because its chinese -> (sulinggg/openwrt:latest)[Brand*~]=raspberry is what's available.