Active reset button on TP-Link MR-3020

By default on TP-Link MR-3020 the reset button don't work, as it is only assigned for WPS (see wiki). Recently, I did crash the config of my router and a quick method for solve it is press the reset button, therefore is necessary active that function.

The guide for active the reset button is confusing, at least for newbies. The processes implicate writing a script in /etc/hotplog.d/button/buttons, first that folder and that file no exists, so it's necessary create them.

Well, I've created the file (login via terminal) and add the recommend text (following this guide):

My file /etc/hotplog.d/button/buttons:

logger the button was $BUTTON and the action was $ACTION

I know that system identify my reset button like wps but I don't understand what is the next steps.

So, What is exactly text to add for active the reset function?

  • You would follow the instructions to toggle/run script
  • The command you would add to that script is reboot

The script should be like?:

logger the button was wps and the action was reboot