Accidentally removed all packages off my router, now can't get into luci or ssh into it

Hey guys... I made a major rookie mistake and ran opkg remove --autoremove '*' on my TP-Link AC1750 A7 V5.0 router and now I can't either SSH into it nor access it with Luci... what can I do? I'm really scared on rebooting the router.

Try Failsafe of Factory Reset


Omg! Ok so, I went and started getting the process of the TFTP recovery (had my computer setup and ready for it), so I went and rebooted the router and Luci suddenly came back again.. I have no idea why but I'm so relieved that it decided to work (I already went and killed another router for another rookie mistake of flashing firmware over wireless instead of ethernet <_>). So I just went and flashed a clean image on it.. it all works now :slight_smile:

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