Accidentally installed wrong firmware (tl-archer c6u)

I accidentally installed wrong firmware for my tl-archer c6u, i was on openwrt and wanted to test some things with old firmware that came with router, but when I was flashing openwrt accidentally installed firmware for tplink 840n, now I dont know how to enter a failsafe mode, I tried everything I could possibly know, but nothing works, just asking here for help, still gonna try everything I can find on internet/

Failsafe won’t work when there is no failsafe fallback firmware installed since you installed the wrong firmware.

So do you have a working serial connector on your device?

No, kinda dont know what it is, how would I get one?

Google "Openwrt usb TTL recovery".

Okay, I think I need to get that cable, and then to google what to do next

No meaning having a cable if the device doesn’t have a serial connector.

Most late-model TP-Link routers have a standardized brick recovery feature in the bootloader. Hold down the reset button while plugging in the power. Keep holding the button to see if the WPS light comes on by itself (10 or 20 seconds). If the router does this, it has TFTP recovery. The OpenWrt wiki doesn't have instructions of what file to use etc but you can probably find that elsewhere.

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Judging from the picture on the wiki page, there is an unpopulated serial connector on the left near the black antenna cable. The commit message also talks about a serial connector J1.

@Albedios I would try to recover the way @mk24 mentioned first and if that doesn't work, you will have to attach serial console (the commit message also mentions that there is no known key combination to enter recovery mode).

Okay, I will try that, appreciate it

That also say the only hope for this tread is using serial. But the fact still apply, isn’t the owner willing to open the case and mount the J1 connector there is no working serial and until that is solved a cable won’t do any good.