Accessing WAN, WWAN side modems on the OpenWRT router webpage (LAN) - No bridge

I have two modems one is an ADSL modem and the other is LTE modem and I would like to get access to
their factory configuration pages via my OpenWRT router webpage.

As an example my LTE modem ( is connected via wireless to the OpenWrt router and it is configured as wwan zone.

my ADSL modem is on subnet ( is connected via the Ethernet WAN port to the OpenWrt router and it is in the wan zone.

Please note that both the ADSL router and the LTE router are very limited with configuration page and I cannot configure them.

At any time only one of the modems are connected to the OpenWrt router the other is disconnected.

The OpenWrt router is configured as and I would like to acheive following.

(-1-) Getting access to the OpenWRT router LuCi webpage in the browser by using https not http and by using the local URL as follows

(-2-) Getting access to the LTE modem webpage via LAN interface of the OpenWrt by using following URL in the browser (preferebly https if possible)
or following
or https://homerouter.lan:1008/

(-3-) Getting access to the ADSL modem webpage via LAN interface of the OpenWrt by using following URL in the browser (preferebly https if possible)
or following
or https://homerouter.lan:1007/

I know that it might be difficult to implement all of the above but
since I have mentioned earlier I cannot put any of the modems (LTE and ADSL) in the bridge, DMZ,or VLAN mode due to their simple configuration web page.

I would like to know if any of the aforementioned items is doable only and only in OpenWrt?

In addition I am wondering what would be the required OpenWrt firewall3 (iptables) rules or packages for implemention the mentioned configuration?

Before switching to https, let's get the basic communication working.

  1. Can you already access the modem's web page using the IP address?
  2. Can you reach OpenWrt device via http://OpenWrt.lan? If you changed the hostname, please use your OpenWrt boxes hostname.

Regarding accessing LuCI via https, check this Wiki page:

A side note: Your https connections will always be displayed as insecure. You can either install the certificate on all required devices or use public host names and a valid certificate. See

Once you can reach the devices via their IP (and OpenWrt via hostname), you can move on to adding host names and then to enabling HTTPS. The latter is a bit more difficult if your devices don't support HTTPS, you will need "something" to terminate the SSL connection on the OpenWrt side and forward it unencryptedly (!) to the modem.

The problem is that I do not have access to the modem's web page using the IP address.
Entering the or does not resolve to the webpages of the modems and I guess there are some iptable rules that I should add to make them accessible oneway to via the OpenWrt lan interface.
Does anyone tried or knows how this can be done, I will appreciate if he/she shares it with us.

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I have tried "Accessing the modem through the router" webpage and in that scenario the modem should be setup in the bridge mode which is not possible on the LTE/ADSL router.

I would like to know if there is another solution for that such as implementing firewall rules and so.

Can you ping or from the router?
Assuming devices are reachable, show the result of the following command, from the router as well, adjust the address if necessary:
curl -I

You misunderstood, that specific how-to is only necessary when the modem is in the bridge mode, otherwise just assign it a separate hostname as mentioned on the third link.

Wrapping the modem's HTTP traffic into HTTPS generally requires using a reverse HTTP proxy which uHTTPd doesn't support, so you need to either patch uHTTPd, or use Nginx, or abandon this idea.