Accessing SMB share of USB drive connected to OpenWrt router via Wifi

I have successfully set up a mount point and a samba share of an usb drive connected to the usb port on Archer C7 running openwrt 19.04. I can successfully connect to the share on my LAN device, however Wifi connected devices do not see the share.

In a standard setup Wifi and LAN are bridged so they should be the same unless you bound the samba server to a physical interface.

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I don't think I did, any way I can check it, or whether wifi and lan are bridged?

They are by default.

Netstat would show what's listening on what port, and interface.

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I'm seeing it from android. I'm going to have to figure out what's happening on my windows laptops


You might need to enable samba legacy support..

Browsing has been disabled due to security risks, you should anyway disable at least SMB1.

It doesn't even see the server/drive, so no warning about security risk. In configuration min protocol is SMB2, max protocol SMB3.

The network you're connecting to, isn't defined as public, by any chance? In Win10.

You get the Q first time you connect.

As mentioned "browsing" is disabled in everything above SMB1. So what happens if you just enter \\IP_of_router\ into the address bar

I assume you have the wsdd2 package installed and running, if so check the "Problems" section in the readme:

I probably typed it wrong as it was opening the browser, but it opens the share when i type in the IP now. Server however not visible by itself in network folder in Windows.
I'm guessing that is it since I use browsing.

@Andy2244 I don't think i have the wsdd2 package nor i would know how to install it


  • update Lists
  • search/filter for "wsdd2"
  • than install + reboot

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