Accessing MTP USB on HT-TM06

Hi guys - I have a HooToo TripMate TM06 and would like to access files on a MTP (media transfer protocol) device. I have managed to enable telnet on the router thanks to this forum, and I can browse the file system, but I cannot figure out how to see the device. dmsg reveals that the router detects the USB device being plugged in, but that is about all I have so far. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

And you want to do this on openwrt, or the already installed stock FW?

MTP typically relies on libmtp which is not supported by OpenWrt.
It might be easier to set up an SFTP server such as these:

Thanks for the info about libmtp-that may answer the question as to whether or not I can do this with the TM06... I don’t understand how I could access the files on the plugged device if I set up the server... how would that work? Thanks for the new idea and thinking outside of the box

Ideally on the stock FW, but I would be open to any option. Thanks!

Set up a network interface without gateway using USB tethering.
Then use scp/rsync/sshfs/sftp-client/etc. to access files on the server.