Accessing Modem's local network through wan From openwrt

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I connected my openwrt(R4S nano pi) to my Modem and openwrt is my modem dhcp client.
and also I did set up this configuration to access my Modem from openwrt's clients.
Now I want to access my Modem's local network. for instance I have a server that is conncetd to Modem and also openwrt connected to Modem. I want to access my server from openwrt. but how I can configure openwrt to do that?

this picture can describe everything:

Are the LAN-Ports bridged on the modem? If yes it should already working if you can reach the modem IP and the Server has an IP in the same subnet.

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Use the IP that the server holds on the modem LAN. This will work without additional configuration since OpenWrt will route every subnet outside of the OpenWrt LAN toward the modem (a default route).

In order to reach the server by its public DNS name you'll need to add a hostname entry to the local DNS in the OpenWrt router to map that name to the non-public IP on the modem lan. In general ISPs don't do "hairpin" routing, meaning you can't loop back to your own public IP from inside the LAN.


That's it.

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