Accessing modem configuration page on WNDR4700

My router/modem/wan allow me to edit its configuration on, my WNDR4700 allocate ip address like (my pc But, when I open my browser says

"This site can’t be reached server DNS address could not be found."

I think firewall is blocking. Can I setup my firewall to send and receive to form How to do this.

I would like to see <===> Range; or
CIDR {;;;;;;;;;; }

Have a look at this might be all you need...

Hope that helps

How is the modem connected to the router?

Via USB wire, but visible when the modem directly connected with PC

via usb?
what kind of modem is this?

it 4g USB+WiFi Modem,

how do you connect your pc to the modem? Via Wifi?
Maybe you should connect your router with the modem via wifi too.

just like android phone, either by WiFi or USB (RNDIS + cdc_ether), But i use USB cable only, I have disable Modems WiFi

than you should activate the wifi of the modem and connect the router to it via wifi and NOT via usb, because as you have seen it does not work.

any results?

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Why would I connect modem to router with wifi, then my router goes into client mode. Anyway with changing AP from wndr4700 to modem router I can access the page directly. But my question was accessing via router so that I don't have to switch cable/WiFi AP.

And btw If I switch on wifi then the modem dissipate lots of power, it's battery can die quickly.

let me get this right,
when the modem is connected to the router via usb wire it doesn't work, right?

Here is photo which is easy to understand

Since configuration of modem is not daliy affare so not big problem.

you want to use tcp/ip via usb.
please show us your router config files.

I did something now its redirecting to http://jiofi.local.html/
that is to http://jiofi.local.html/
but chrome says

This site can’t be reached

jiofi.local.html’s server DNS address could not be found.
Search Google for jiofi local html

Snap of config below