Accessing LuCI web interface securely

Good evening,
I was consulting the web page, useful for making access to the router more secure. However, I can't get localhost's uHTTPd listening rather than all devices connected to the network to work. In fact, after having performed the steps reported in the paragraph "Securing against brute-force attacks", I receive an error from the browser that says " has refused the connection". How can I solve? Thanks in advance.

By continuing to read the page you liked to.

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Continuing with the next steps I receive the exact same error from the browser. Is there another solution?

Reset, or revert the settings via ssh.

I can successfully revert the changes, but I would like it to work. Do you know a way to do this?

start by getting it to work via a ssh tunnel, and take it from there.

OK thanks. Could you explain to me the steps to do what you described to me?

That's what the link you posted yourself is all about.

Open putty, add a dynamic tunnel on some local port, try accessing the webui at

There are tons of guides and videos about it, Google is your friend.

And these days it's just way more convenient to set up a (road warrior style-) VPN (e.g. wireguard) on the router, rather than dealing with ssh tunnels (which work, but are far more effort to deal with).

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