Access via URL instead of IP possible?

Many routers offer access via URLs like, etc.

Is this also possible with LEDE?

Hey there.

That's just the combination of your routers hostname and your local domain.
Assuming your router is "LEDE" and your local domain is "lan" (which are the default settings of LEDE), then just go to "lede.lan". Since "lan" is not only the local domain but the "DNS search domain" that's provided as a DHCP option by default, not going to "lede.lan" but only "lede" should be enough.

Rename your router from "lede" so "something-else" makes your router accessible by "something-else.lan".
Renaming your local domain and search domain from "lan" to "whatever" makes your router accessible by "something-else.whatever".

So it just works in LEDEs default setup, but you can customize it as well.


Thanks for the detailed explanation!

You just need to add desired domain to dnsmasq hosts with your router address (ex: