Access to Wifi extender on guest-net


I use OpenWRT 21.02.0rc3 on Raspi 4 and several Unifi APs: a few U6 and a few old UAPs, all with factory firmware. Yesterday I had to set up a wifi repeater, TL-WA855RE (factory firmware), coupled with one of the UAPs. I set static lease for the repeater on OpenWRT with Now, the repeater repeats the SSID from for guests. Then, it turned out that it's getting IP address, not the static one I set on the router. For the GUI access, when I'm on 192.168.1.x/24, I can open the login page, but it doesn't let me login: no error message or anything, it just doesn't go to the next page when I enter the password and click "login". Forwarding from 1.x/24 to 2.x/24 is "Accept", so there is nothing blocking it in terms of firewall. (that's why I do get to the login page in the first place.) I tried to see what would happen if I set the static lease with, but it didn't work either: it's still getting (after 12h, when the lease should be renewed). When I connect my PC to the extender, then I can login to the GUI of it under

Internet usage over the extender is working fine, though. But I'm just wondering about access to GUI of the extender. I would appreciate any hint/explanation !

The repeater cannot have an IP address outside the range of the network where it's connected; otherwise, it will be isolated from other devices in the network.

Thank you for your reply! OK, but then, why didn't the static lease of work either ? It's in the same subnet.
And, I do have forwarding allowed from 192.168.1.x to 192.168.2.x, so I wonder why I couldn't login (the login page did show up)....

Use relay & stabridge

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Thank you for the hint! It looks like it is meant for wifi directly from OpenWRT device. The access point which the extender is connected to is Unifi with original firmware....
Actually I just wanted to find out why it's not working as I expected, or if something was wrong. If it's normal, then I can live with it: it's just for the time being that I need this extender, I don't plan to keep it long.