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I was searching for OpenWrt firmware for Netgear R6800 and though none existed on the OpenWrt website, I found one on the Chinese forum.

Does anyone have a login to this site? If yes, can you please share the links embedded in the list link?

I cant create a login since it only accepts some Chinese payment service.

Thank you.

The password is "password".

And in another link it says "run this after the first flashing:'echo 0xDEADBEEF > /etc/config/google_fu_mode'.
I have no idea what that command does,I assume it's relative to GFW.Anyway it's up to you.

Thank you!!
That link opens a directory. Does the post mention which files to use?

If there are any more instruction, please let me know. Thanks again.

Keep in mind you're essentially just flashing another black box firmware unless you can read Chinese (and know the forum). Might as well stick to the stock firmware - 'the evil you know', as the saying goes.


I looked in that directory, there's no firmware for R6800.And that post didn't say anything about R6800.Judging by the screenshot, I think he just compiled every device in target Mt7621 from the master branch and add some tweaks.

I agree with @Borromini, you shouldn't just flash some random custom build from a forum you know nothing about,plus you can't even read Chinese.


I understand. I was in a mood to experiment. Will let you all know how it goes, if I get the courage to try it. Currently I am using another Chinese firmware with no issues for over a month.

Experiment is good.Maybe one day you'll try to build your own one.


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