Access to external VLAN

Hi, I'm pretty new to OpenWRT and I'm not sure how to accomplish this.

My router is connected to an external network via ethernet. This network acts as the WAN on my router and can by default only be used to access the internet
To administrate this external network I got instructions by the network administrator to configure a connection to a tagged VLAN. This works fine when I connect my computer directly to the external network, however this can be pretty cumbersome, because I have to rewire my network every time I need to administer the external network.

To make it easier for me I'd like to create a second network inside OpenWRT which tunnels the tagged VLAN to a seperate WiFi, so I can administer the external network just by switching the WiFi.

What would I need to accomplish this? (LuCi and SSH are both fine for me)

Create one new interface on physical subinterface, e.g eth0.100, protocol can be static or dhcp.
Then create a new Wifi with the details you want and assign it to the interface you created on the first step.
Optionally you can create a zone for it, otherwise it will use the default policies.

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