“Access to command denied by ACL” error when trying to add ModemManager network interface on Raspberry Pi 4B


I used "firmware-selector.openwrt.org" to download 22.03.3 for the Raspberry Pi 4B/400/4CM (64bit)

About this build
Raspberry Pi 4B/400/4CM (64bit)
22.03.3 (r20028-43d71ad93e)
2023-01-04 18:45:56

I’m using a SixFab Raspberry Pi 4G/LTE Cellular Modem Kit for connectivity

OpenWrt starts fine, with a default Ethernet interface

When I try to add another interface, managed by ModemManager, I get a “PermissionError - Access to command denied by ACL” with a red banner

I can’t edit the non-functional interface without getting the same ACL error

All I can do is delete the interface

I have tried both the 32bit and 64 bit versions with the same problem

No errors show up in Luci/Status/System Log

I’ve spent a few hours Googling with no success

Any ideas on how I can diagnose and fix this please?

Thanks very much!

What happens when you add this interface from UCI instead?

You need to open your browser debug console and inspect the HTTP POST requests to …/ubus in order to determine the exact call being refused.

This sounds like a genuine bug in luci-proto-modemmanager which should be trivial to fix by adjusting the ACL rules

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Thanks for the suggestion - I'll check and update

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Thanks for replying - I'll try that and post the result

i got "Uncaught (in promise) PermissionError: Access to command denied by ACL "
while trying to run a lua code once save and apply button clicked.

any idea how to overcome this???