Access SSH from WWAN side

Hello. I am trying to reach my Openwrt device, which is connected to my home network router via WWAN interface (wifi client). I also setup Openwrt firewall traffic rules by opening port 22.
Neither ping over my home network goes through, nor ssh, failing with 'no route to host'. I am running v18.06.1 firmware. Any info on how to resolve this would be much appreciated.

nevermind. Looks like my kernel modifications were preventing remote access. I removed my local changes, and remote SSH access from WWAN worked.

Port 22 should never be open to WAN... utilize a port redirect from a high WAN side port (a port # in the 50k - 60k range) to LAN side 22.

  • Allowing WAN side 22 to be open will result in hundreds to thousands of connection attempts per day.
  • Port scanners will rarely scan all 65,535 ports, so a higher WAN side port is better.
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